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Droits dérivés & étrangers Foreign & Subsidiary Rights

Le service des Droits dérivés et étrangers répond à toutes vos demandes concernant la vente des droits de traduction, de pré-publication, de reproduction d’extraits, d’édition poche, d’édition Club, d’adaptation théâtrale et audio-visuelle de nos ouvrages. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toute requête et/ou si vous souhaitez échanger à ce sujet et recevoir des exemplaires de lecture.

The Foreign and subsidiary Rights Department will answer all requests regarding translation rights, re-use of excerpts, tables and figures, subsidiary rights for pre-publication, first serial, paperback and book club editions, dramatic and audio-visual adaptations, as well as digital projects of our books. Feel free to browse through our pages to discover our offer. We will be more than happy to answer your questions on our books.

Directrice des droits / Rights Director
Laurence Leclercq  (Ms.)

Droits dérivés – Subsidiary Rights

Pour toute demande, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter : lmassena@groupedelcourt.com

Droits Etrangers –  Foreign rights

The Foreign Rights Department will answer to all your requests about the translations of our books. We are present at Frankfurt, London, Bologna and many other Bookfairs, and can be found on the French collective stand. We can work either on a licensing basis or offer the possibility of joining an international co-edition print run.

If you wish to have any further information please do not hesitate to contact us:

Asia, China, English speaking countries, Japan, Korea, Germany, India, Netherlands, Scandinavia please contact:
Séverine Aupert (Ms.)

Italy, Spanish speaking countries, Portuguese speaking countries, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Russia, Balkans including Greece and Turkey
please contact:
Tiphaine Le Roux (Ms.)

Aide à la traduction du CNL


  • For the following territories:

    Asia, China, English speaking countries, Japan, Korea, Germany, India, Netherlands, Scandinavia please contact:

    Séverine Aupert

  • For the following territories:

    Italy, Spanish speaking countries, Portuguese speaking countries, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Russia, Balkans including Greece and Turkey please contact:

    Tiphaine Le Roux